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on the II International Conference on Inductive Modelling ICIM-2008

September 15-19, 2008, Kiev, IRTC ITS

Department 195 have organized and held on September 15-19, 2008 in Kiev, in IRTC ITS, the II International Conference on Inductive Modelling ICIM-2008,. The conference was devoted to the blessed memory of academician Aleksey Grigorievich Ivakhnenko, founder of this scientific direction in the field of mathematical modelling of complex processes. Professor, Dr. Sci, head of the department 195 V.S.Stepashko was the Chairman of this forum and leader of the International Program Committee.

The conference was opened by the Memorial session in memory of A.G.Ivakhnenko, when V.S.Stepashko gave detailed lecture about the course of life and creative way of the outstanding scholar. Recollections about him were shared also by his colleagues from several countries: academician V.M.Kuntsevich (Ukraine), professors Nader Nariman-zade (Iran) and He Changzheng (China), doctors Frank Lemke (Germany) and Pavel Kordik (Czech Republic).

The Conference Program included 8 plenary as well as 61 sectional papers (see the program) covering a wide range of issues of the theory, technologies and applications of inductive approach to the tasks of modelling, forecasting and decision making in industry, economy, medicine and environment. To the conference beginning, the collected papers was published as a special edition: Proceedings of the International Conference on Inductive Modelling ICIM 2008. - Kyiv: IRTC ITS NANU, 2008. - 316 p. - ISBN 978-966-02-4889-2.

Scientists and researchers from many countries of the world was taking part in work of this International conference: 49 papers were from Ukraine and 20 from foreign countries, in that 6 from Russia, in 4 from Czech and Iran, 2 from China, in 1 from Canada, Great Britain, Germany and Republic Fiji.

From the department 195, 7 collaborators participated in this conference presenting 2 plenary and 10 sectional papers. Researchers of other departments of the International center have delivered 6 papers within the framework of the program. In addition, the representatives of five departments of the Center has acquainted the participants of the conference with developments in the field of intellectual technologies of analysis and synthesis of speech and graphic images, analysis of cardio signals, distance learning and mobile robots control. Thus, scientific researchers from the Center have presented 23 papers on the whole at a conference.

As a result of the conference work, three leading tendencies for progress of investigations may be pointed out: extension of theoretical fundamentals of the GMDH; parallelization of calculations in GMDH algorithms; combination of achievements in GMDH and other methods of computational intelligence (hybridization). These directions are important for the further enhancement of precision and noise-immunity of models, for workflow automation of knowledge discovering in complex systems and strengthening of unique advantages of GMDH. The tremendous potential of self-organizing inductive technology of modelling is to make important contribution to searching answers for a wide range of the present-day challenges.

Taking into account the raising interest of scientists and specialists to the methods and technologies of inductive modelling, it was recognized as advisable to hold international scientific conferences and workshops on this problems regularly, at least once a year, in turn in Ukraine and abroad. In addition, it was accepted decision about preparation and edition in the authoritative foreign publishing house of an English-language collective monograph on the theory, algorithms and applications of inductive modelling with the purpose to further popularize this prospective line of scientific investigations.

 Chairman of the ICIM 2008
Professor, head of the department 195

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